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"In my 10+ years as a Sports Performance Professional, I have worked with hundreds of therapists, Chiropractors, and single practice specialists. Ray Roman represents the new age of Physical Therapists, using an integrated approach among a variety of therapeutic modalities and techniques, to get patients pain free and to their goals more effectively.


Ray's commitment to his craft, professionalism, and innovative philosophy are second to none in his industry. Opposed to industry standard, of fitting all patients into the clinicians model of care, he has a unique ability to assess a client, and apply the right tool for the job.


I have worked with Ray personally as a patient, and professionally in referring my athletes, and Ray has always over delivered in his service and abilities. I would highly recommend Ray to any of my clients, as well as my family and friends, because I know they will be taken care of with the most progressive methods of care, and an unparalleled devotion to their individual success."

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