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As an elite athlete, my oldest son suffered from chronic injuries year after year, one after another and it seemed as if the vicious cycle was never going to end.  We were blessed to have Ray Roman come into our family’s life and share his incredible knowledge and expertise in having worked with and treated so many professional athletes who dealt with similar issues.


The psychology of a high level athlete is critical to their performance but once they start to get injured that balance gets out of whack.  The combination of Ray’s acupuncture as well as integrating physical therapy based training allowed my son Mario to finally be healthy and get back to his competitive ways.  He’s now a Sophomore playing basketball at Eastern Washington and uses all of Ray’s suggestions and exercises every day so that he can maintain his strength, keep his body sound and injury free.  Ray Roman is the real deal and there are very few in the sport/medicine world who have his credentials."    

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