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*Integrative Dry Needling Techniques by Dr. Ma has been shown to be very effective for any musculoskeletal injury. The ‘Art’ of IDN is based mainly on locating the most effective symptomatic trigger points, in order to have the most effective treatment. IDN is a very effective form of acupuncture. 

During the insertion of needles, a cascade of molecular events occur in order to ignite 'self-healing' by creating homeostasis in tissue. Needling only improves local/ systemic homeostasis, it does not treat any specific symptom, therefore in turn it treats everything holistically by restoring normal homeostasis of the tissue and therefore which in turn will assist in re-starting the healing process.

Balance Point Therapy also provides a one-of-a-kind unique home Integrative service that entails a health & wellness "Balance Point" evaluation w/ follow up treatments in order to provide proactive care for impairments involving musculoskeletal system, stress, fatigue or sleep disturbance which may also be hindering optimal and effective healing times in order to return athletes to their athletic sport while providing them w/ the therapeutic & educational tools needed to maximize performance and minimize re-injury. 

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